In 2019, Faulkner Moulds celebrates 35 years of toolmaking excellence, and in 2019, 2018 and 2016 we won the prestigious UK Plastics Industry Award for ‘Supplier Partnership: Toolmaker’.

We specialise in complex tooling solutions, including twin shot and overmould tools, serving many diverse markets such as the medical, electronics and consumer sectors.

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Recent examples of tooling we have designed and manufactured include:
  • Medical equipment
    Award-winning twin shot oral medical device, intravenous medical kidney device (box, buttons and internal mechanics), medical tooling repairs, wheelchair emergency lifting equipment, hospital bed handles.
  • Electrical components
    Fibre optic parts, optical lenses, mobile phone components, caravan control panel, intravenous medical device, twin shot automotive electronic device.
  • Inventors’ ideas
    Water and Rodent Non-Return Valve, Wheelchair Evacuator, Wheelchair Liberator, wall-mountable gravity knife rack, various electrical wiring boxes.
  • Automotive and caravan components
    Rear piston, contact frame, contact path, dashboard, interior trim, fuel systems, award-winning large battery box, electrical control panel, awning light and lens.
  • Public sector
    Catering equipment for schools, hospitals, childcare centres and care homes; Light covers for police vehicles.
  • Industrial, household, retail and other items
    Award-winning Shocksafe shovel handle, building products, commercial bakery products, knife handles, DIY products, dumbbells, snow shovel, pool table leg, price clips and tags.
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