In 2014, Faulkner Moulds celebrated 30 years of tool making excellence, and this year we were delighted to win the 2016 Plastic Industry Award for ‘Supplier Partnership: Toolmaker’.

We are proud to have served clients from a wide range of industries, and on a diverse range of projects.


Recent examples include:
  • Inventors’ ideas
    Water and Rodent Non-Return Valve, Wheelchair Evacuator, Wheelchair Liberator, Nookie Wedge, wall-mountable gravity knife rack, Studbox electrical wiring box.
  • Automotive and caravan components
    Dashboard, interior trim, fuel systems, large battery box, electrical control panel.
  • Medical equipment
    Wheelchair emergency lifting equipment, hospital bed handles.
  • Public sector
    Catering equipment for schools, hospitals, childcare centres and care homes; Light covers for police vehicles.
  • Electrical components
    Fibre optic parts, optical lenses, mobile phone components, caravan control panel.
  • Household, retail and other items
    Shocksafe shovel handle, commercial bakery products, knife handles, DIY products, dumbbells, snow shovel, price clips and tags.
Faulkner Moulds